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ANSR Beam Review

I have written a review about the compact ANSR Beam and Charger. This little device is one of the best selling home based red light therapy products on the market right now.

As it has both red and blue lights this little device it is able to provide treatments for acne, anti-aging and pain relief.

It is made by a manufacturer with a decent reputation, it is compact and portable, charges like a mobile phone and is getting a lot of really good reviews right now.

In terms of effectiveness against anti-aging and pain relief I would put it in the mid-range of the home based red light therapy treatment devicesFor Acne treatment, however, it goes right at the very top – with some of the success stories that are coming out at the moment this could well turn out to be one of the most effective solutions on the market – Period!

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Just What is Red Light Therapy

I wrote an article on my site that goes into a fair bit of detail abou what Red Light Therapy actually is.

Red Light Therapy at Work

I give a very quick overview of its unearthly discovery by NASA Astronauts and its subsequent clinical trials back on earth to its take up in saloons and skin treatment centres right up to the present day where these devices for the home market are now becoming available.
I provide a bit of science behind how the red light technology works and outline some of the places it is being put to good use such as in the war against acne, pain relief and anti-aging.

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Jayne Higham

Jayne Higham